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I wanted people to see someone like Saskia who plays classical violin and does Krumping —  two different worlds
She's so meticulous in her training and writes amazing dance diaries, exploring her craft. By taking dance & music so seriously, she is really inspirational to the young people who follow her.

- FKA Twigs 

Saskia Horton is a multi-disciplinary artist working across the fields of music & dance. Having pursued her passion since the age of 7 she has spent over a decade refining her craft. 

Classically & Jazz trained on Violin & piano and Contemporary & Hip hop trained in dance, HER MISSION is to create ground-breaking inter-disciplinary work in theatre, film, live art spaces & music performance.

Her collaborators include dancers, composers, poets, costume designers, artists, animators & more. A network with which she is creating a burgeoning Artist Management Agency- the first of it's kind- Digital Nomads. 

That represents & connects like-minded cross art-form individuals reflecting the revival of the 'renaissance era' artist. Championing those who choose to be 

'A Jack of All trades & Master of self.'


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